Quotes I Love – Athletic Inspiration

When I was in high school my friend Lisa and I used to make notebooks that were filled to the brim with fun inside jokes, song lyrics, silly pictures, and most importantly quotes.

Over time we stopped making these notebooks, but I started to keep a journal of quotes that I found when I was reading or listening to music that really struck a cord with me.

Today I wanted to start sharing some of those quotes with you, and I thought that I would start by sharing some of my favorite quotes on inspiration from some great athletes as a lot of my friends are getting ready to run one (or several) races during the runDisney Walt Disney World Marathon!

I hope that you enjoy these quotes, and best of luck to all of those running this weekend!!!

Inspirational Quotes - Jordan

Inspirational Quotes - Muhammed Ali - Champion

Inspirational Quotes - Babe Ruth

Inspirational Quotes - Pele

Inspirational Quotes - Laird Hamilton

Inspirational Quotes - Wayne Gretzky


New Year, New Blog

Happy New Year!!!

The excitement of a new year brings new hopes (I will get into those jeans this year), new habits (actually going to the gym instead of driving by it), and for me a new project (Hi!).

I am starting On the Go Gal as a way to share more about myself, my personal and family projects, passions, and things that I love that don’t always have a home at On the Go in MCO.

I have realized that while I have poured a lot of myself into On the Go in MCO, I have left out something important along the way…me!

So I thought that a fun way to start this new project off would be a top 10 things to know about me!

Shelley and Daisy

1. I am a southern girl at heart. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and the furthest North I have ever lived was Richmond, Virginia. I grew up, for the most part, in Charleston, South Carolina where I learned all about ‘The War of Northern Aggression’. I kid you not!!! I love cheese grits, pimento cheese, sweet tea, and use y’all wayyyyyy too much!

2. I graduated from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia with a BS in Theatre Arts (Stage Management) and a BA in English (concentration in Dramatic Literature), BUT I have never worked in the Theatre beyond summer gigs! It was my passion, but unfortunately the stars never really aligned for me.

3. I started baton twirling when I was 13, and was Miss Majorette of Virginia, Miss Majorette of the East, and Miss Majorette of South Carolina and had several state and regional titles as an individual and as a team. It was my absolute passion, and there are days that I still pick up my baton and twirl. It’s totally silly, but it’s a huge stress relief for me.

4.  I have a MAJOR purse problem. My Mom instilled in me when I was young that you always want to carry a nice purse. It’s really a sickness, but it could be worse…well that’s what I keep telling Dave.

5. Speaking of Dave! I met Dave on my first day of classes at Virginia Tech, and he’s been stuck with me ever since! One summer we worked about 100 ft. away from each other at King’s Dominion, we had several mutual friends from high school, and I shopped at the store he worked at in Chesterfield Town Center but we didn’t ‘meet’ until that fateful January day in 1997.

Dave and Shelley Wedding

6. I never wanted to have kids when I was younger, and I used to break out in hives if I held a baby or went to a Babies R Us. So as you can imagine I was never a great babysitter.

7. Dave and I have one child. A wonderful, crazy, and amazing daughter named Zoe Anne. We chose her name when we were on vacation at Walt Disney World. We yelled it while we were in line for the Tomorrowland Speedway, it sounded good, and so we stuck with it. She is the absolute love and light of my life.

Shelley and Zoe

8. I am obsessed with Hello Kitty, but I come by it naturally. When I was younger, if I was a good girl all week my Papa would take me to the mall for a cookie on a stick (I still dream about those cookies) and a trip to the Sanrio store for stickers and a treat. My Papa was my heart and soul, and not a day goes by that I don’t think about him.

9. I have one brother, Louis, who I shared a bathroom with for most of my life as we both lived together when went to Virginia Tech! We even have the same degrees from Tech…it’s kind of scary!

10. The one thing that I have always wanted to do was learn how to sing. I keep saying that one day I will take voice lessons, just so I don’t have any regrets. So…we’ll see if that happens one of these days…

I also just realized that I need to take more personal photos and I need to find my old pictures!!!

I hope that this gives you a better idea about who I am, and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me!

All I can say is thank you for joining me and I that you enjoy the ride!